When we talk about transportation we understand that there is not just one method of transportation. Usually, a business can choose from a few ways that they will transport their goods, but the type of transportation will boil down to a few different needs. For example, if somebody is trying to transport very large quantities of goods they would usually choose to transport them by using sea transports or by using the railroads. However, if they just wanted to get their products at a certain place as fast as possible then they would use either the airplane transportation method or the road transportation.

Either one of these can be the best depending on the budget of the person or business that needs to have their goods transported, but if we were to take out the price and just focused on which one is the fastest transportation service which one would win?

Well, depending on the quantity of the goods that need to be transported, usually the fastest way of transportation would be by air. What usually can take up to a month by sea, or a week or two by train, by ait can take from 1-2 days to anywhere up to 10, depending on the end location of the transport. Roads can also be a good bet for transporting goods in a safe and fast manner if the goods need to be delivered to several locations on the way and if the locations are all connected by roads. This form of transportation is much cheaper than by air.

However, to meet the high demand for fast transportation the air transportation has grown exponentially every year by about 5%, and it has become a crucial transportation method for businesses and individuals that value speed.

CargoAdditionally, goods that have a short expiration date like many foods, flowers, medical products, and many others have taken advantage of the shot transit periods that air transportation offers to the industry. A big positive side of the air transportation is that it requires less managing and that it has compartmentalized cargo space so there is much less theft and chance to lose goods, and due to the lower time spent in transport the goods have a less chance to be affected by other unforeseen factors that can damage the goods. Also, a positive side to this kind of transportation is that it can take goods from one country to another with less required paperwork. For instance, if something was traveling by a freight train paperwork would have to be provided for every country the goods are passing through, but if it the goods are being transported by air it would only require one set of paperwork for the country where the plane is supposed to land.

However, there is also some disadvantage to this transportation method as it is one of the most expansive transportation methods especially due to the limited space in each transportation cycle.