PAT Freight Ltd is a specialist in all freight forwarding services, catering for all personal and commercial, transportation and storage requirements. With recognition comes a professional service that we provide at the top level. With us, you are guaranteed to have your goods transported in the most efficient way and in the shortest time depending on the transportation service. With years of providing transportation services in this field, we have become one of the best freight companies and we take pride in our customer satisfaction levels.

We will be pleased to assist with your requirements, no matter how large or small.

If you are unsure about the best method to transport your belongings, we can provide impartial advice on whether sea, air or road freight would be the most appropriate for you and your budget. With our advisors, you will be guaranteed to never choose the wrong kind of transportation as we have special offers for all kinds of transportation methods and our fees are one of the most affordable ones on the market.

The services provided by PAT Freight includes the following;

Sea Freight

A comprehensive range of container services is available. All sizes of shipments can be catered for – full & partial containers can be provided. This type of transportation is the cheapest when it comes to transportation large bulks of goods as they are also transported in a timely fashion at any given city with a port.

Air Freight

With over 20 years’ experience of working with Cyprus Airways and other major airlines, we can handle all of your air freight needs quickly and securely. The fastest way of transporting things all over the world. If your goods need to be transported in a fast manner this way of transportation should be your choice.

Road Freight

We can transport your goods and personal belongings by trailer to all European destinations. For medium-sized transportation needs the road freights are some of the most affordable ones. With the possibility to transport goods all over the world this method of transportation can achieve what other kinds of transportation types can’t.

Specialist Services

• Door to Door service
• Complete packing service – We can take care of all packing on your behalf, packing as little or as much as required, providing assistance with larger items. We will be pleased to help with packing your possessions on-site. Free packing material is also provided for all personal moves
• Car shipping
• Containers – shipping both car and personal effects together if required
• Storage service
• Next available flight for urgent time-sensitive shipments
• Marine Insurance
• Excess Baggage service

Please contact us if you require a freight forwarding service that is not listed here, we will almost certainly be able to help.